Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence

What is NETVIBES OnePart?

NETVIBES OnePart (formerly EXALEAD) provides a full set of applications to classify company assets, identify master parts for reuse, and ensure Engineering selects the preferred part, while monitoring over time the execution of company policy.

How does OnePart help your business?
  • For Designers & Engineers:  OnePart Reuse, embedded in a CAD tool, finds parts to reuse based on Standardization and Procurement preferences. Users compare legacy parts and related 2D/3D designs or documents, gaining immediate insight into hidden data.
  • For Standardization:  Thanks to machine learning, it has never been so easy to identify similar parts and compare technical information, helping complexity managers classify and identify the standard part to be reused by the design office.
  • For Sourcing & Purchasing:  Applying the power of automation and analytics to industrial parts enhances a company’s purchasing strategy by helping reveal major savings opportunities for next-gen design-to-value programs. Our unique 3D CAD Similarity and machine learning technologies enable cross-linking of Engineering and Purchasing data to quickly reveal similar or identical parts with different reference numbers and prices, facilitating quantity discounts and optimizing the selection of preferred suppliers.
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Actionable Business Intelligence

NETVIBES OnePart Capabilities

Leveraging proven Web technologies NETVIBES OnePart Finds, Compares, and Analyzes Parts from multiple data sources to make the right Part instantly available to you.

Find Parts Quickly

Explore legacy parts and related 2D/3D designs to find a reusable part and determine whether it is really necessary to create new parts and incur the associated costs.

List and Compare Parts

Refine the search using side-by-side comparisons to identify the right part for reuse.

Analyze Related Documents

Analyze important related information like specs, testing, validation, and certification material.

Search parts, assemblies, and drawings

Search from most data sources, including major CAD providers, using a user-friendly full-text search bar.

Auto-complete Web search

This functionality speeds up user queries.

Explore Part Relationships

Navigation into the parent and children relationships of an assembly to converge on the exact right part.

Find Features

3D mechanical feature mining (locating parts based on holes, pads, grooves, and more).

Compare documents

Side-by-side comparisons to quickly highlight the most relevant part for reuse.

Shape Search

Shape Search to find similar parts based on a known reference.

Charts with KPIs

User-friendly charts and graphs with configurable Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for rapid analysis.

“Delivering quality products on time that meet our customers’ expectations help us win their loyalty. Using NETVIBES OnePart will definitely help us improve our time to market even further.”

Chris Weiss
VP engineering, Knapheide

“Our users need to obtain the right drawing information as quickly as possible. NETVIBES OnePart is fast and its search results are pertinent and very precise.”

Marcus Aichinger, Corporate R&D Manager
Processes and Tools, Wittur

“With NETVIBES OnePart, information search has been reduced from an average of four minutes per search to just a few seconds.”

John Winter
Mechanical engineering manager, Bird Technologies

NETVIBES OnePart Features

Find and reuse existing parts, 2D/3D designs and related documentation

For Engineers and Designers

NETVIBES OnePart provides designers and engineers with an intuitive application to reuse existing parts instead of recreating parts, wasting time or simply not finding the right part.

With just a few clicks, users explore legacy parts and related 2D/3D designs, gaining immediate insight into vast amounts of previously hidden data. They can further refine their search using side-by-side comparisons to identify the right part for reuse. When a similar part is discovered, the user can also analyze important related documentation like specifications, testing, validation, and certification material in multiple formats (such as .xls & .pdf) to facilitate optimal reuse and a complete view of the situation.

The OnePart integrated search experience is uniquely capable of combining similarity, metadata, and semantic-linked documents and related information with shape search capabilities, all on a single page.

For Standardization

NETVIBES OnePart helps your business to simplifyorganize and optimize your parts in selected contexts.

From the entire legacy of company assets, quality and method engineers are able to classify parts. Based on shape similarity and/or semantic criteria, each part is associated with the closest one to form a cluster that will eventually be classified into a family and sub-family. Once all the parts in the family are classified, specific parts can be tagged as either the master, alternate, or obsolete. This categorization of part families and sub-families, as well as the associated tags, is massively propagated into OnePart to guide part selection by designers and engineers and can be easily imported into the PDM and ERP systems.

It also prevents deviation and ensures the organization doesn't proliferate the same part references already optimized in its catalog. Just as you previously ran checks every night: run OnePart catalog guards, based on the same predefined criteria used for catalog optimization, to receive a new part creation alert with a proposed classification or identification of existing similar parts to be reused.


For Sourcing and Purchasing

PartSupply is an online service aggregating tens of millions of sourceable parts that allows you to search and reuse public part catalogs.

Whether from Procurement, Sourcing or Engineering, accessing online standard part catalogs has always been a must-have. With millions of sourceable parts available from CAD design applications or from your Web browser, PartSupply on the 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace brings you this capability with the ease of use of the intuitive user interface of OnePart.

  • One unique UI access to both entreprise and supplier components
  • Single search, refinement, compare, etc.
  • Download models in CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS and many other formats

In addition, if OnePart Reuse is available on site, it’s as easy as a search to compare parts in-house and across countries.


NETVIBES OnePart Benefits

Easy to use software which will adapt to your business process

Make Better Decisions

Make insight-driven business decisions with powerful analytics, trends gathering, market information and competitive intelligence.

Better Collaboration

Map enterprise data on a common referential to break down silos, enhance collaboration and boost agility. Build up-to-date analytics dashboards to empower any user to make informed business decisions. Improve operational efficiency enterprise-wide.

Optimize Component Sourcing

Reduce risk and costs by enforcing component standardization. Decrease time-to-market by reusing existing parts. Ensure quality and compliance through reuse of previously qualified components.

Gain decision-making Insights on Trends

Establish a business advantage by launching products or services that capitalize on market trends. Improve project performance and mitigate risks through real-time monitoring and assessment. Deliver programs and projects on time, on cost and on quality. Enforce sustainability goals that maximize product performance and minimize environmental impact.