MODSIM: Our Integrated Design and Simulation Solutions

MODSIM is a powerful tool that can help businesses transform how they approach product development. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Design and Simulation solutions available to you. 

Our MODSIM solution brings together capabilities from both the CATIA and SIMULIA portfolios, creating a simulation-based tool that allows businesses to create digital models of their products, processes, and procedures.  In this article, we will take a closer look at the Design and Simulation solutions available to you. 

Some of the key benefits of MODSIM include: 

  • Accurately predict, compare, and simulate multiple product behaviors to deliver products quickly when there is little time for extensive physical prototyping and testing 
  • Test different design scenarios in a virtual environment to reduce the risk of making costly mistakes 
  • Gather valuable insights and data about their design to accelerate accurate design decisions 
  • Collaborate with ease to allow for early detection and elimination of problems, resulting in higher quality and on-time delivery 
  • Improve business processes, including manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management 

Simulation-driven Conceptual: Design Study product performance in-depth at the conceptual level 

The CATIA SFE portfolio is a suite of tools within the CATIA software that provides a range of design, engineering, and simulation capabilities. 

The CATIA SFE Portfolio provides parametric geometry capabilities for high-performance science-based processes. Robust tools for simulation-driven design processes bring design and analysis together in real time. The SFE portfolio is designed to help engineers and designers create products optimized for both form and function while being efficient in manufacturing and maintenance. With fast geometry creation and re-use, CAE and CAD teams can produce a quick first model representing the product status very early. 

Function Driven Generative Design: Design and simulation for lightweight, optimized design 

CATIA Function Driven Generative Designer allows a non-specialist designer to generate optimized conceptual parts and assemblies from functional specifications automatically. This tool provides various design and analysis tools for mechanical and electrical systems. It includes capabilities for kinematic simulation, tolerance analysis, and design optimization. The designer provides a set of requirements and the desired manufacturing process. The push of a button runs a simulation and generates the optimized concept assembly shapes. 

Composites Design and Manufacture: Design and simulation for the right-first-time composite parts 

Composites Design and Manufacture solutions provide process-oriented applications to design, simulate, and manufacture composite structures on a single virtual platform. It offers a range of features to support the entire product development process, including composite part design, ply-based modeling, composite material modeling, and structural analysis. This integrated approach streamlines composite’s part engineering to lower costs and free up resources for innovation. 21 Featured MODSIM Solutions 

Powertrain Strength, Durability & Vibration: Design, analyze, and optimize powertrain components.  

Integrated modeling and simulation applied to powertrain system development ensures the system meets reliability and performance requirements. With Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE ® platform, designers and analysts evaluate stress and vibration performance using a virtual experience twin early in design to identify and eliminate potential problems before physical testing. Overall, integrating modeling and simulation with powertrain system development can help reduce the time and cost of development, improve performance, and enable more efficient and effective testing and validation. 

Aircraft Communication and Detection System Performance: Design and analyze antenna performance  

From air traffic control to onboard entertainment, antennas are crucial to nearly all flight systems. Using simulation in the design process informs antenna placement by analyzing performance virtually in the early stages of development. SIMULIA can help improve antenna performance in aircraft communications and detection systems by simulating the electromagnetic behavior of the antenna and its interaction with the surrounding environment. Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform break down the silos between design and simulation, so the development team works more efficiently. 

Tire Engineering: Simulation gives engineers a better grip on tires 

Engineers in the tire industry can optimize tire performance, reduce costs and develop innovative products with integrated design and simulation tools coupled with Product Lifecycle Management on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. SIMULIA apps can help manufacturers improve their tires’ performance, durability, and comfort while reducing development time and cost. Applying simulation as part of the design, expensive redesign, and physical prototypes are avoided. 


In conclusion, MODSIM is a powerful solution that offers numerous benefits to businesses looking to transform how they approach product development. With its simulation-based approach, MODSIM allows businesses to create digital models of their products, processes, and procedures, enabling them to accurately predict, simulate, and compare multiple product behaviors.  

The various featured solutions in MODSIM, such as the CATIA SFE portfolio, Function Driven Generative Design, Composites Design and Manufacturing, Powertrain Strength, Durability & Vibration, Aircraft Communication and Detection System Performance, and Tire Engineering, provide a comprehensive suite of tools that can help businesses improve their design and engineering, and simulation capabilities. In summary, MODSIM is essential for companies looking to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing market.   

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MODSIM is a Modeling and Simulation solution that combines CAD/CAE to assist design engineers at the early stages of product development.

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