Innovate, Validate and Operate on Hydrogen Aircraft Concepts with 3DEXPERIENCE

Decarbonising aviation can be complex and challenging – but it doesn’t have to be. With the right solutions, low-carbon possibilities are endless. Using the advanced digital capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, aviation companies can design, develop, and deliver hydrogen aircraft concepts, innovative fuel systems, and efficient planes while ensuring an optimal value network – whilst seamlessly achieving aviation decarbonisation targets.

Innovate, Validate and Operate on Hydrogen Aircraft Concepts with 3DEXPERIENCE

Stakeholder requirements, regulatory constraints, mission profiles and use cases are typically skipped or considered by aircraft designers too late in the process. By the time design choices have been made, the cost of changing specifications increases dramatically. This would not be the case with early pre-production identification.

Here is where the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is reliable. With all air transport stakeholders in a single transparent place, validating final requirements for aircraft configuration becomes easier. The platform can also help stakeholders improve intersectional collaborations in several key areas.

Hydrogen Aircraft Concepts

Here, we structure our offer into two levels.

Level 1: Aircraft 

The first level carries solutions relevant to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs): The Aircraft Architecture Definition, System Integration & Aircraft Verification and Infrastructure & Logistics Planning and Market Intelligence.

Level 2: Hydrogen Integration

The second level encompasses solutions relevant to sub-system engineers and hydrogen suppliers: Fuel Cell Development, Hydrogen Turbine Development, Storage Development and Distribution System Development. Certification and manufacturing are pillars embedded within every element of these solutions.

Besides accelerating hydrogen aircraft design, the platform also enables companies to improve daily operations. Companies can easily optimise the supply chain and airport operation while accelerating hydrogen technology adoption and aviation decarbonisation efforts at the same time. With the right digital support, the aviation industry’s vision for a carbon-neutral future can become a reality.

From Hydrogen Aircraft Concept to Delivery, the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can support with:

  • Designing and Validating Aircraft Architecture
  • Systems Engineering for Optimal Hydrogen Storage
  • Design and Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Creation, Validation and Testing of Hydrogen-Fueled Engines
  • Monitoring and Management Industry Standards and Certifications
  • Ensuring Supply Chain Resilience


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