Improve Inspection and Quality Control Processes with DELMIA Augmented Experience

Quality control in manufacturing is a non-negotiable requirement. With advancements in technology in the manufacturing industry inspection and quality control have amplified. A pivotal technology transforming these processes is the DELMIA Augmented Experience for Quality Inspection. This intelligent tool facilitates quality inspections, improves efficiency, reduces costs, and improves overall product quality. 

Quality Control in a Production Context 

Quality control is a process that ensures that a product, component, or system companies with a defined set of quality parameters or meets the requirements of the client or customer. In a production context, quality control involves various stages, starting from design and development to manufacturing, inspection, and delivery. It aims to identify and correct potential issues that could impact product quality adversely. 

The importance of reliability in manufacturing cannot be overstated, with the critical need to identify non-conformances at every stage to ensure that no defective products reach the end customers. This necessity has often made quality control a complex, demanding process that eats up time and resources.  

The DELMIA Augmented Experience solution for Quality Inspection is transforming the quality control paradigm by providing an efficient, streamlined method. It offers visual guidance that quickly identifies non-conformities and auto-generates inspection reports, reducing inspection times, reporting durations, and costs linked to scrap parts and rework. Moreover, it boosts operational traceability and transforms quality control into a more manageable and efficient process. 

Incoming Inspection of Equipment from Supplier 

One of the primary stages where DELMIA’s tool plays a significant role is during the incoming inspection of equipment from suppliers. This is a critical step as it establishes the basis for further production processes. Here, each part of the components needs to be inspected for specification, quality, and functionality. 

Using augmented reality, the DELMIA Augmented Experience significantly enhances and expedites the inspection process. It overlays the ideal design on the actual component, enabling swift, precise comparison and detection of discrepancies. This crucial tool not only helps maintain strict quality standards by identifying defective parts from suppliers, but it also prevents costly late-stage defect detection in production lines. 

Furthermore, DELMIA’s AR-based digital instructions offer step-by-step guidance to operators, verifying the conformity of incoming equipment by comparing the manufactured items to their design blueprints. This leads to improved quality control and cost management, curtailing potential breakdowns and waste through efficient component checks. 


Assistance to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Control 

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is another essential aspect of quality control. It allows for testing components and assemblies for defects without causing damage. DELMIA Augmented Experience plays a crucial role in NDT control by providing digital assistance to operators. 

DELMIA’s augmented reality technology streamlines inspections by providing operators with real-time visuals, including specific instructions and warnings, thereby reducing errors, and speeding up the process. It also enhances thew accuracy of non-destructive testing (NDT), vital for maintaining product safety and quality. This technology addresses previous challenges in accurately visualizing and locating defects after UV inspection for repair teams.  

DELMIA’s Augmented Experience addresses defect identification by overlaying the 3D model of a designed part onto the built one, creating ‘pick points’ for defect spotting. Defects are mapped onto the 3D model, enabling straightforward communication with repair teams. This inventive method fosters effective repairs and significantly cuts performance costs linked to errors. 


Benefits and Capabilities 

The integration of the DELMIA Augmented Experience for Quality inspection brings along a host of benefits and capabilities. 

  1. Efficiency: The AR overlay of the ideal design onto the physical component significantly reduces the inspection time, leading to overall operational efficiency. 
  2. Accuracy: The AR-assisted visual guidance reduces human error, thereby enhancing the accuracy of quality inspection and control processes. 
  3. Cost Reduction: The efficient and accurate processes result in fewer reworks, scrap, and warranty claims, leading to significant cost savings. 
  4. Documentation: It automatically generates digital documentation, simplifying the audit trail and reducing paperwork. 



The DELMIA Augmented Experience for Quality Inspection revolutionizes quality assurance in manufacturing by significantly enhancing inspection and quality control processes. This advanced tool streamlines inspections, improves precision, reduces costs, and elevates overall product quality. By integrating this tool, manufacturers can achieve superior product quality, cost savings, and improved operational effectiveness. 

Embrace the power of augmented reality and revolutionize your manufacturing processes with DELMIA Augmented Experience. Experience the future of manufacturing today and unlock new levels of productivity, efficiency, and success. 

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