How Can Manufacturers Ensure Supply Chain Resilience and Streamline Collaboration

One of the most erratic and unexpected years in recent memory is coming to an end. The past year has, if anything, shown how delicate and susceptible to disruption global supply systems are.

Manufacturers are dealing with more and more issues that weaken their supply chains, which eventually reduce the time it takes for new products to get the market and puts them at higher risk, especially in the event of a severe disruption.

Main challenges facing supply chain resilience


  • No single integrated platform
  • Issues connecting to VPN on client side
  • Real time access to data:
  • Late changes
  • Time spent on changing data
  • Time spent on analysis of outdated data


  • Lack of IP protection
  • Lack of traceability
  • High likelihood of security breaches

IT Infrastructure:

  • No centralised, connected and up to date data
  • Heavy IT costs and maintenance of legacy silos


  • High IT upfront costs
  • Resource constraint
  • Unable to focus on core engineering


  • Lack of motivation for change
  • Fear for change

An organisation faces both internal and external challenges. While many of them are manageable, workarounds frequently result in a chain reaction of problems that could have been avoided. For instance, the absence of current data might lead to erroneous analyses, which in turn cause expensive adjustments to be made too late in the process of product development.

This is where we come in. With our 3DEXPERIENCE cloud solution dedicated to creating a more resilient supply chain, you can address these issues with a single source of truth, enabling all stakeholders to work together on a single platform that allows them to manage supply chain collaboration entirely online, remove obstacles that have in the past caused roadblocks, reduce errors, and accelerate the time it takes for projects to go from concept to production.

Our solution

Cross company collaboration

It goes without saying that cooperation between OEMs and suppliers is essential for the successful development of new products. With a lack of real-time collaboration tools, a need for physical presence and sometimes granular access to appropriate files and data, the need for empowered collaboration throughout the product lifecycle, regardless of geography, is essential.

With 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud, you can deploy a suite of tools that makes collaboration with suppliers easier and more fluid, allowing you to bring products to market earlier without sacrificing quality or exposing your business to unnecessary risks.

Data security and access protection

Data security is essential for any business, whether this relates to potential breaches or the need to protect intellectual property.  

3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud allows you to ensure that robust encryption is launched across the entire platform. Not only this but the solution can also allow for 24-hour monitoring for any potential intrusions and also includes granular file permissions for collaborators across different organizations.  

Engineering services simplification

Successful product development procedures must be highly efficient because delays and changes can significantly impair time-to-market, which in turn can significantly impact revenue.  

The process of developing a product is frequently complicated and involves a number of stakeholders. The entire process might quickly spiral out of control, overrun budgets, and ultimately hurt the organisation if it is not managed. 

Project management, scheduling, designing, and data analytics are some of the many elements that go into each product development process. Very frequently, OEMs may use several platforms to oversee various aspects of product development that aren’t consistently connected, adding to the workload. 

The solution is to merge all of these capabilities into a solitary, adaptable platform that enables OEMs and suppliers to collaborate throughout the product development lifecycle. 

3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud can enable you to conduct reviews and give approvals, exchange files or data through a central repository, share milestones and tasks with suppliers, log and track issues, manage design versions and ensure data continuity throughout the process, all in one dedicated space.  

Task assignments and content sharing control

It is common for product development initiatives to lag behind because of poor task and content management. Organizations need a strong product development management platform that can offer all the tools required for precise and open project management in order to address this issue. 

3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud offers you the capability of using a real time dashboard to clear task creation and clear assignments, date and milestone tracking, utilise granular content sharing and simultaneous management of workflows, changes, and issues. This enables you to be able to view automatic capture of product changes and real-time reviews, updates, and approvals.  

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3DEXPERIENCE is a game changer in helping OEMs manage their supply chain. For OEMs to innovate and handle problems successfully, there must be seamless collaboration across the product development lifecycle. 

Manufacturers may significantly boost their efficiency, cut costs, and ultimately produce higher-quality goods by digitising the product development lifecycle in a cloud-based environment. By enabling businesses to concentrate on their core competencies, 3DEXPERIENCE ensures resilience and agility. 

Start your own transformation with 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud and get in touch today.  

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