Get to Know CATIA Design Software

With Design and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) technologies evolving, making a change to a new tool can seem to be a daunting task. After you get to know CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE, you will learn that this is not the case.

Included in the on-demand get to know CATIA webinar:

In this on-demand webinar TriMech Solutions Consultant, Barton Schenck, walks through the basic interface and improvements that CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE has made over CATIA V5 and SOLIDWORKS. This will all be done in the context of the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud, as well.

  • The basic 3DEXPERIENCE User Interface
  • The competitive strengths of CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE
  • The intuitive nature of new design workflows
  • Describe and show how easy it is to manage data on the Cloud
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