The New Frontier of Satellite Technology

The first satellite was launched in the middle of the 1950s as a result of humankind’s curiosity with space. These days, this curiosity has only grown, and non-governmental organisations are now interested in space as well. As private firms compete to create more advanced satellite technology and reusable launchers, the space exploration and satellite industry is being disrupted.

It represents a fresh start for satellite technology. This new frontier, which is motivated by the need to expedite innovation, aids businesses in identifying chances to increase the capability of satellite and rocket design and manufacturing.

In the battle to successfully launch satellites into space, New Space firms must accelerate their satellite technology innovation.

A business platform that enables them to speed up their design processes and manufacture through first-time-right results needs to be established to do this.

Accelerating Rocketry & Satellite Design and Manufacturing with 3DEXPERIENCE

The right business platform enables New Space companies to shorten their development time by integrating different departments and information while providing digital capabilities to accelerate design and manufacturing.

This is where we come in.

Digital Mission Engineering

By allowing stakeholders to interact with a real-time picture of designs under development, our 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers digital mission engineering with the capacity to repurpose data and models from prior projects rather than beginning from scratch. This helps generate innovative, sustainability-focused results more quickly.

Virtual Twin Technology

Additionally, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides the strength of sophisticated virtual simulation capabilities, enabling businesses to speed up the testing and validation process. New Space firms may explore additional possibilities, address quality concerns and launch hazards earlier, and quickly replicate complex space systems when they have multi-scale and multi-physics simulation capabilities.

To achieve sustainable production of mega-satellite constellations, it is vital to enter the realm of the virtual twin of your operations.


Agility becomes a critical competitive advantage in the manufacturing of satellites and rocketry, which entails customised production.

Companies can utilise the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to optimise their production schedules as well as to react promptly to changes. Before putting any plans or plan modifications into effect, they can rely on a virtual twin of their physical operations to quickly assess the effects of different actions.

By doing this, New Space companies are able to remain on track for the best possible shop floor outcomes and ultimately speed up production without compromising quality.

The Solution for Faster and Better Satellite Technology Outcomes

The complete solution that New Space players require to prevail in the nascent field of satellite technology is the cloud-enabled 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Their capacity to design and produce cost-effective, sustainable rocketry and satellite systems with the necessary quality is accelerated, which ultimately speeds up the placement of satellites into orbit.

Companies may speed up the product lifecycle from concept to take off and secure a crucial first-to-market advantage by integrating technology into product development.

Powerful digital tools, such as real-time collaboration, virtual simulation, optimised planning, and the virtual twin experience, make this possible.

The virtual twin experience gives businesses the ability to quickly and easily assess several what-if situations by providing an authentic and operational virtual model of the actual operations.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform gives businesses the ability to push the limits of satellite and rocket innovation and open up space by linking the real and virtual worlds.

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