Ergonomic Workplace Designer

Supported by realistic manikin positioning technology, Ergonomic Workplace Designer helps manufacturing engineers to take key decisions in order to design a safe and efficient workplace.

DELMIA Ergonomic Workplace Designer makes workplace ergonomics an integrated part of the production planning process. This role empowers process engineers and industrial engineers to identify and resolve potential ergonomic issues to design safer and more efficient workplaces.

Ergonomic Workplace Designer delivers two breakthrough technologies:

  • Smart Posturing engine for one-click manikin posturing
  • Ergo4all for musculoskeletal disorders risk assessment and ergonomic guidance to non-ergonomists

With Ergonomic Workplace Designer, engineers can reverse the paradigm of building a production line first before considering the workers. Ergonomic Workplace Designer incorporates ergonomic considerations directly into the design of a workplace or deployment of a new manufacturing process.

DELMIA Ergonomic Workplace designer

DELMIA Ergonomic Workplace designer

Ergonomic Workplace Designer Benefits

Smart Posturing Engine

The Smart Posturing engine was developed in collaboration with a research team from École de Technologie Supérieur, an engineering school in Montréal, Canada. It uses input directly from planning data and the 3D environment to determine exactly where manikins should be placed, what they will do with their hands, and where they will look. The Smart Posturing engine then automatically creates realistic and probable postures without collision, with proper hand grasp, in balance and according to the grasped object’s weight.


The Ergo4all technology was developed in collaboration with a research team from Polytechnique Montréal, an engineering school in Montréal, Canada as well. It analyzes the posture created by the smart posturing engine to identify potential ergonomic issues. Ergo4all then provides suggestions on how to lower the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders due to ergonomic issues.

Ergo4all does not require an ergonomist for day-to-day operations. The engineering staff can handle these tasks. For complex assessments or high-impact design change decisions, Ergo4all includes a direct contact to an in-house ergonomist or to a certified ergonomist in the Dassault Systèmes Marketplace for assistance.

Save time and lower costs

Traditionally, manikin posture creation and analysis for one worker task can be very time consuming and require multiple assessments. Ergonomic Workplace Designer can perform a more accurate assessment in a single click by the engineering team without the need for an ergonomist. Identifying and correcting ergonomic issues early in the process reduces injuries, increases efficiency, and improves employee performance.

Culture Reinforcement

The use of Ergonomic Workplace Designer is not only a smart way to help reduce future injuries and increase productivity, it’s also a statement by management that worker safety is critical – a reinforcement of company culture.

DELMIA Ergonomic Study

DELMIA Ergonomic Study

Ergonomic Workplace Designer Highlights

  • One-click probable manikin posturing with the Smart Posturing engine technology
  • Create better visibility for opportunities to improve safety, productivity and efficiency
  • Incorporate ergonomic assessments as part of any project
  • Identify and mitigate potential injury risks
  • Integrate ergonomics with overall planning with Ergo4all
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