Electromagnetic Simulation for Antenna Design and Placement/IoT

Over the past 10 years, smartphones and smart devices have transformed the way we communicate. Over 1 billion devices are sold each year and around half the world’s population own a smartphone. The high value of a market for a single device category naturally gives rise to intense competition and innovation, along with very short product lifecycles.

Electromagnetic Simulation On-demand Webinar

During this on-demand webinar, we look at the increasing complexity of the antenna systems used for communication and the vital role of electromagnetic simulation to ensure optimal connections while also meeting compliance standards in very short product-design cycles.

We focus on the design process for 5G mm-wave antenna design, one of the most interesting and difficult parts of the 5G rollout for the smartphone engineer and take a general look at antenna placement in other industries such as Home and Lifestyle, High Tech, Heavy Machinery, and Aerospace & Defence.

Electromagnetic Simulation for Antenna Design

SIMULIA CST Studio offers a broad range of em field analysis methods with a unique capability to identify and mitigate electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) risks in electronic devices. Additionally, the technology can be applied to simulation of human body exposure to electromagnetic fields. CST Studio ensures that the device passes any certification tests required by regulatory and industry standards first time.

  • Powerful simulation methods such as the unique finite integration technique (FIT), the classical finite element method (FEM), the transmission line matrix method (TLM), and also hybrid simulation methods.
  • Specialized solvers for applications such as motors, printed circuit boards, cable harnesses and filters.
  • Coupled simulations: system-level, multiphysics, field/circuit co-simulation to deliver an unprecedented simulation reliability and accuracy.
  • An All-in-one fully parametric design environment for modeling.
  • A wide range of complex material models.
  • Powerful post-processing and visualization tools
  • Built-in optimizers.
  • High-performance computing on workstations and on clusters: multi-threading, GPU and hardware acceleration, distributed computing and MPI multi-process parallelization (like MPI).
  • Cloud computing on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to submit and monitor CST Studio Suite jobs from anywhere.
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