Discover how you can Streamline Engineering to Manufacturing to Deliver Innovation

How you can Streamline Engineering to Manufacturing to Deliver Innovation?

The landscape of manufacturing has altered. Businesses now need to operate in new ways due to rapidly changing client demands and disruptions in the economy. Manufacturers are under pressure to reduce time to market and provide outstanding customer service.

Functional silos and disjointed workflows impede progress and slow response times in the procedures involved in product development. Manufacturers must reinvent product development and the relationship between engineering and manufacturing in order to address this challenge.

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to bring products to market more quickly and at a cheaper cost. Product development must also be agile enough to respond rapidly to shifts in consumer preferences and resilient enough to minimise company interruptions in order to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. It is a major difficulty to meet these requirements when dealing with complicated products and manufacturing processes.

Instead of making incremental improvements that have declining returns to address these problems, firms must rethink their product development processes to become more efficient through transformational solutions.

How can you streamline the process from engineering to manufacturing?

Are your products engineered to manufacture? Or do your manufacturing and engineering teams operate in silos, which hinders communication, lowers efficiency, and lengthens time to market?

Instead of making incremental improvements, a better strategy is to use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to digitally integrate engineering and manufacturing to enhance cross-team communication and cooperation.

Engineering across disciplines can be supported by a shared, virtual product definition, which also speeds up the engineering to production process. The Bill of Materials (BOM) is replaced as the exclusive source of information and the principal medium of interchange by the virtual product description, which is accessible to all stakeholders linked to the platform. By making data accessible from anywhere, at any time, the virtual product definition shortens development time, increases agility, and eliminates business disruptions.

What are the benefits of streamlining the engineering and manufacturing processes?

Manufacturers can move more quickly through design, release, and manufacturing thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Lower development costs, a quicker time to revenue, and a competitive edge in the market all result from faster time to market.

Product development is made more effective and less mistake prone by switching from a BOM-centric process to a virtual product. Time to market quickens as information between engineering and manufacturing is shared more quickly. The friction brought on by having different BOMs is eliminated by having a common product description and an enterprise-wide modification process.

Engineering and manufacturing locate and fix problems before the product release procedure, enabling a faster time to market, fewer development costs, quicker time to revenue, and a definite competitive edge.

Don’t just take our word for it

With the help of the Reinvent the Sky industry solution experience, Vertical Aerospace is developing its ground-breaking electric aircraft and defining its processes on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in the cloud. In a single, secure, standards-based environment, this allows the business access to enterprise-level design, engineering, and simulation tools.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform will help us to develop and share the critical steps of requirements, ensure we’re developing the aircraft according to those requirements, do validation and also manage the certification of the aircraft with the authorities. It’s a one-stop shop and single source of truth for Vertical Aerospace and our business partners that allows us to work concurrently wherever we are in the world.
Eric Samson, Head of Engineering, Vertical Aerospace

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