5 Ways Simulation can be used to Enhance the Operating Performance of Heavy Machinery

Manufacturers of heavy machinery operate in a highly competitive market and produce some of the most complicated items in the world. Specialized products have strict design and production specifications.

Manufacturers must overcome the difficulties of shortening cycle times and cutting costs while producing products that satisfy the performance and safety criteria of a wide range of consumers.  

Heavy machinery equipment manufacturers face a problem in providing machines that work consistently in a range of operating settings due to ever-increasing requirements.  

Agricultural machinery needs to be robust and capable of doing a range of duties. Construction machinery must be able to function in surroundings with strict regulations while getting along with other nearby equipment and people. To guarantee the whole mining site’s good operational efficiency, mining equipment must move vast quantities of material. 

For manufacturers of industrial equipment, SIMULIA offers realistic simulation solutions that address a variety of engineering challenges. We provide simple analytic tools that let designers choose what they want to design.  

Moreover, SIMULIA offers tools for automating design exploration studies and design optimisation. By utilising the appropriate simulation tool for their application, Industrial Equipment developers can reduce the need for expensive physical testing.  

This wide-ranging simulation portfolio also makes it possible for designers and analysis experts to work together to accelerate performance-based design decisions. With the help of our design analysis technologies, you can precisely forecast the intricate real-world behaviour of individual parts, substantial structures, and entire systems. 

5 Ways that Simulation can be used to Enhance the Operating Performance of your Heavy Machinery

1. Virtual Acoustic Design & Testing

Before producing a final physical prototype, acoustic engineers may accurately measure the noise produced by running systems (fan, exhaust, etc.) and fix any potential problems to guarantee standards are satisfied.

2. Thermal Management

In order to guarantee proper cooling airflow and to confirm operating temperatures inside the vehicle under actual driving circumstances, thermal engineers can use extremely realistic simulation-driven designs of cooling fan systems. This ensures that the finished product will stay cool and be robust.

3. Connectivity Performance

Utilizing the electromagnetic solutions for antenna performance provided by Dassault Systèmes, antenna engineers ensure proper placement of antennas for the best connection and minimal co-site interferences.

4. Material Handling & Tool-Soil Interaction

Using simulation of material transport on support structures to check your ability to dig, plough, manipulate, or transport material and soil in order to achieve optimal operating performance and a low risk of failure due to fatigue.

5. Drivetrain Performance

Gear module engineers create a drivetrain that is silent, dependable, and high-performing and supplies the necessary power to run the machine smoothly using multibody simulation tools for drivetrain dynamics.


Heavy machinery producers must provide machines that perform consistently throughout a range of operational situations as a result of escalating restrictions. Heavy equipment frequently transports enormous amounts of material, must work in highly regulated conditions, and must be durable while performing a range of functions.

Solutions designed specifically to extend the life and performance of heavy mobile equipment are available through the Heavy Equipment Operation Performance Industry Process Experience.

SIMULIA provides the realistic simulation solutions that you need to address a multitude of engineering challenges. Our broad simulation portfolio enables Industrial Equipment developers to leverage the right simulation tool for their specific application and enables you to accurately predict complex real-word behavior of component parts, large-scale structures, and complete systems.

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