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What is CAD Translation?

Translate and extend the value of your 3D CAD data to support downstream processes and share design data with partners using solutions that support Brep and Tessellated data, full Product Structure, PMI data, and Metadata.

These solutions provide full control over processing and sharing, and for high volume processing, they can be run in batch mode and driven from PLM. An inbuilt CADviewer enables data visualization and filtering outside of the CAD system.

CAD Translation
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Which CAD Translate Solution is right for you?

CAD Translation

CAD Translation

CADTranslate offers advanced direct 3D CAD translation products that provide high fidelity, rich, and supportable suite of translation products between major 3D mechanical CAD systems.

It also supports full product structure and geometry, as well as PMI and CAD metadata transfer.

CAD Translation

Lightweight Formats

This solution can assist with desktop visualization, utilizing 3D XML, Creo View, and JT formats. Simply take your 3D CAD assets and translate them into these lightweight yet sophisticated viewing formats.

This feature also supports BREP and tessellated data, metadata, and PMI when available, providing users with low-cost access to 3D data and supporting Model Based Engineering.

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Design in Context

Enables CATIA and 3DEXPERIENCE users to work closely with data from Creo, JT, and NX within their active CAD session. This eliminates the need for a separate translation process, enabling direct loading of Creo, JT, and NX data into the active design session. This results in a more interactive design in context process.