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What is 3D PDF?

Working with native CAD sources such as CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE, 3D PDF allows you to publish 3DPDFs for downstream users to view and interact with the CAD data. Built on Adobe technology, 3D PDF is an important tool for individuals who need to participate in the design and manufacturing process without access to CAD.

Using customizable templates, 3D PDF can distribute CAD models to various departments for diverse use cases, eliminating the need for physical documents and drawings to be shared.

Theorem Solutions - 3D PDF
Theorem Solutions

Which CADPublish Solution is right for you?

Theorem Solutions

3D PDF Create

This is a low-cost entry into the world of 3D PDF for CAD users.
  • Interactively publish a 3D PDF file from within 3DEXPERIENCE or CATIA V5 applications.
  • Interactively publish 3D PDF documents from within your CAD application
  • Use familiar commands such as 'save as' / 'export as'
  • Publish your CAD data to company branded documents
  • Publish your CAD data to multiple templates simultaneously
Theorem Solutions

3D PDF Enhance

Combines '3D PDF Create' capabilities with the ability to batch process.
  • Supports ad hoc or volume publishing
  • Enables casual users to drag and drop native CAD files
  • Also available to JT users
  • Offers independent viewing of the native CAD file
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Did you know?

You can use a 3D PDF as a Technical Data Package

3D PDFs are more than just an easily accessible format for CAD data sharing. They can also be utilized to generate a TDP with all accompanying information embedded within the document.

Annotations and rich media such as PowerPoint files, videos, hyperlinks, and spreadsheets can be automatically embedded or manually inserted. Additionally, PDFs can function like .zip files to transfer supplementary documents, like native CAD data, purchasing documentation, or statistical process control documentation.

Due to its lightweight data format, 3D PDFs can be conveniently sent via email and pass through most firewalls.