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Virtual Commissioning PLC Testing

What is Virtual Commissioning and why do you need it?

Virtual Commissioning is the creation of a virtual environment for testing control programs for automated facilities before the facility is built or renovated.

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OEE overall equipment effectiveness

The Fallacy of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) in System Design

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and its components are excellent tools when analyzing an existing system to identify where improvements can be made.

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EVTOL Challenge

Urban Air Mobility: Overcoming EVTOL challenges with Advanced Simulation

This blog explores three of the key EVTOL challenges in the race to electric flight and how using advanced simulation can help companies to overcome these while gaining a competitive edge when entering this new and dynamic market.   

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DELMIA 3D Lean Team Player Engineering Team Meeting

The Challenges of Engineering Team Meetings

Engineers are typically problem solvers, and prefer to solve problems on our own, and hate engineering team meetings. Learn how the DELMIA 3D Lean Team Player role improves meetings.

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DELMIA Lean Team Player to Collaborate in Meetings and Integration Reviews

Collaboration is the New Integration for Industrial Equipment Projects

Industrial Equipment project integration requires suppliers and clients to work together to engineer the best solution.

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Virtual vs digital twin

Virtual vs Digital Twin, what is the difference?

Discover the difference between virtual vs digital twin with our on-demand webinar.

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Digital Twin autonomous vehicles

Industry Insight: Demystifying Digital Threads and Digital Twins

In this short interview, our Business Transformation Technical Director, Adam Bannaghan, talks us through all things Digital Thread and Digital Twin

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DELMIA Robotics Simulation

Using DELMIA Robotics Simulation to help your manufacturing operations be better, faster and cheaper

DELMIA Robotics Simulation can be used to virtually validate robot behaviour on the shop floor.

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Lightweight Engineering

6 Technologies Driving the Future of Lightweight Engineering

In industries where every millisecond and/or gram counts, there is a persistent need to minimise part weight and maximise stiffness and performance, all while reducing cost and material wastage.

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Ergonomic Digital Twin Simulation

Using Digital Twins and Ergonomic Simulation for Safety and Productivity

The field of ergonomics has evolved in the last few decades to include more simulation. The time required to develop simulations has dropped dramatically and made them more practical.

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Simulation project management Agile Manufacturing

Navigating the Pitfalls of Simulation Project Management

While simulation can mean many things to many people, managing the expectations and interactions within a simulation project team often leads to issues.

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We need a simulation

We need a Simulation but what type is required?

Learn why engineers need to focus on the question that needs to be answered and be specific about why they need a simulation. If we don’t know why we are building a simulation, we will never know when we are done.

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Simulating conveyor systems

Simulating Conveyor Systems with FlexSim

This article will look at the techniques for conveyor design, and simulating conveyor systems using FlexSim to ensure the conveyors reflect reality.

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FlexSim Factory Simulation


FlexSim provides software to model, simulate, analyze, and visualize any factory system in manufacturing, material handling, healthcare, warehousing, supply chain, and more.

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DELMIA Lean Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

End-to-End Supply Chain Management with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and services from TriMech Enterprise

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