Business Process Player

Instantiate new processes or execute tasks, which have been assigned to you through the Business Process Player Role on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

The ENOVIA 3DEXPERIENCE Business Process Player (BPO-OC) Role enables you to execute business process tasks that have been assigned to you by the Business Process Designer as well as to start the execution of the business process.

Business Process Player role allows rapidly reviewing your assigned tasks and process details such as process start time, priorities and task details and therefore monitoring the business process execution and history of each task.

Business Process Player Benefits

  • Reduce the time spent on the execution of your daily tasks.
  • Ensure your tasks execution is compliant with your company policies.
  • Improve your business execution productivity where the right users execute their tasks on the right time.
ENOVIA Business Process Player

ENOVIA Business Process Player

Business Process Player Highlights

  • Kick off the business process to initiate its execution.
  • Start working on your tasks upon receiving notifications.
  • Monitor business process progress through graphical view.
  • Delegate tasks to other business users as required.
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ENOVIA PLM software is the product lifecycle management backbone of the Dassault Systèmes portfolio, used by many of the world's largest and most technically advanced manufacturing enterprises to streamline their organization.



Connect with other 3DEXERIENCE roles and take advantage of the virtual twin for the entire enterprise

Digital Twin autonomous vehicles
Scalable Architecture

Natively built for the cloud and also available on premises, ENOVIA spans the full spectrum from very small clients to customers with thousands of users.

This ‘infinite’ scalability is driving exponential adoption across all engagement models, letting clients plan and sustain their growth and address their evolving business needs.

3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Computing
Cloud Collaboration

Cloud is driving the ability to scale, drastically reducing the distance and time between technology decision and value realization, letting companies take continuous advantages of enhancements & scope extension every 8 weeks. Cloud adoption is now a reality for all sizes of clients.

ENOVIA Connecting PLM
Go beyond PLM

ENOVIA powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform goes beyond PLM, connecting people, ideas and data from across the value network into a single collaborative environment that transforms the way you do business.


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a Safe, Social, Connected, Informed and Structured environment for team leaders, project managers and other professionals who want to manage data on the cloud and collaborate without constraints.

Safe: Customer controlled access. Transparent cloud backup. Encrypted communication protocols. Data always safe-no overwrite, no loss of data.

Social: Integrated structured and unstructured collaboration tools enabling social innovation. Collaborate on product design or engage with your stakeholders early in product development.

Connected: Every user always connected to a single, common database. Access data anywhere, anytime, on any device. Review and markup models.

Informed: Choose from the widget library, Create and share Dashboards. Get the latest information about your product development. Always have access to your latest data.

Structured: Zero overhead data management - store and manage data across collaborative spaces, share information in communities. Find indexed data faster by using tags, custom search, etc.

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