Break Through Design Barriers with Algorithmic Generative Design powered by the Cloud

CATIA xGenerative design is our intuitive algorithmic approach to design – built with designers who want to push boundaries in mind. The programme allows you to design, explore and validate variants of complex repetitive and non-regular shapes and patterns with an intuitive algorithmic approach.

Key values of CATIA xGenerative Design

One platform, one data model, one collaboration environment

Access and share in real-time: Within the programme, you will be able to access and share up-to-date data anytime and from anywhere in the world through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Work in parallel: Internal stakeholders and external collaborators alike will have access to designs as they are being updated in real-time through our cloud technology.

Protect intellectual property: We know that the safety of your product is paramount. With simple and safe access rights management, you can rest assured that your designs go no further than you want them to.

Simple to complex shapes and patterns

CATIA xGenerative allows you to start with simple shapes and develop these into very complex shapes and patterns. You have the ability to create all types of wireframes and surfaces through logic operations and generate multiple geometrics by managing collections of objects.

Amplify the design process

Expose only your chosen parameters, experiment with your design, and make drastic changes with only a few clicks. CATIA xGenerative allows you to extend your styling capabilities with 3D innovative bio-inspired shapes and explore a huge number of alternatives with centralised access to your main design parameters.

Interactive and 3D Centric modelling experience

With an easy-to-access user interface for both beginners and experienced users, you can trust that your xGenerative experience will be smooth and enlightening. Combine the 3D modelling approach with graph-based visual scripting to easily edit your designs and make more informed design decisions.

Bring automation to a wider audience

CATIA xGenerative allows you to organise and structure your design graph according to your own design process and preferences. Capture and reuse this knowledge to implement best practices across your organisation and stakeholders.

Guarantee the best geometry quality

Thanks to CATIA modeler technology, you will have access to the best geometry quality and accuracy. Generated geometrics are immediately reusable for downstream activities like detailed design, template instantiation and manufacturing preparation.

Ensure digital continuity and collaboration

xGenerative design is part of a set of applications which allow you to collaborate on a range of elements. By engaging with the extended enterprise of applications within our 3DEXPERIENCE cloud platform you will have the ability to collect, manage, design, run the life cycle of the product and assemble your design. From here you will be able to review, export and share your designs.

Anytime, anywhere on any device

XGenerative is a web application available inside the 3DEXPERIENCE suite. This means that there are no installation costs for the product, and you will have instant deployment through immediate user access. Reduce your expenses and hardware needs by engaging with cloud computing.

Find out more

XGenerative design and algorithmic generative design allow you to push boundaries and breakthrough design barriers through a robust set of principles and elements as part of our programme.

Find out more today about how you can utilise Algorithmic Generative Design, our 3DEXPERIENCE platform and CATIA on the cloud and how they can help transform your design capabilities and get in touch today.