Advanced Tire Engineering

Driven by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Tire Engineering: Meeting Demand, Driving Performance, and Reducing Delays

In the year 2030, it is estimated that we will travel 2.3 trillion miles on roadways annually. With the advent of new kinds of vehicles that we haven’t seen yet, the demand for safer and better-performing tires and tire engineering is growing every day.  

Tire manufacturers face many challenges in accelerating innovation, increasing production, and reducing development costs. Other challenges being faced by Tire Manufacturers include: 

  • Lack of collaboration between departments and traceability of data and process 
  • Tradeoffs between grip, wear and rolling resistance. 
  • Issues predicting tire performance at low and high temperatures. 

However, with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, manufacturers can optimize all aspects of tire design, engineering, and overall performance.

Increasing Fuel Economy with Improved Tire Design 


The Smartyre App solution from TriMech Enterprise Solutions provides a complete solution for the design, development, validation and manufacture of optimal tire designs, driving performance and reducing errors and delays.

Unlock a full suite of tools to conduct:
  • Tire Maneuverability (Force & Moment)
  • Tire Thermal Performance
  • Rolling Resistance
  • Tire Shaping
  • Tire Pass-By Noise
  • Tire Footprint
  • Regulatory Testing (Plunger and Pendulum)
Antenna Engineering for Tires


Designing tire antennas can be challenging as it involves optimizing the antenna’s performance while also considering the mechanical constraints of the tire. The SIMULIA CST Studio Suite offers a robust simulation environment for designing and analyzing electromagnetic structures, including antennas.

Key Capabilities:
  • Multiphysics Simulation
  • Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Method of Moments (MoM)
  • Design and Optimization
  • Post Processing
  • Process Automation


By simulating tire performance under a wide range of conditions and environments, engineers can optimize tire designs to meet the specific needs of drivers and vehicles. By providing the ability to design, analyse, validate and manufacture in the same environment, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform offers speed, accuracy, and traceability across disciplines, allowing manufacturers to keep up with the growing demand for better-performing tires.

  • Streamlining Tire Design and Simulation
  • Enhancing Tire Performance with Advanced Simulation
  • Accelerating Tire Innovation with 3DEXPERIENCE Platform’s Rapid Performance Evaluation
  • Maximizing Tire Lifespan with Wear Resistance Optimization
  • Reducing Environmental Impact with Rolling Resistance Optimization

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