Search, reveal, and manage information assets for faster, smarter decision-making


NETVIBES enables organizations to Reveal Information Intelligence: from Big Data, deliver insights with full actionability to enable collaboration at the heart of 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Today’s fast-paced, connected world generates exponential amounts of data inside and outside the enterprise, 24/7.

With NETVIBES you can make sense of it all by gaining actionable insights to make informed decisions. Increase industry innovation, boost operational excellence, and improve business performance to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Capabilities:

NETVIBES offerings address people working in 6 main areas that structure the portfolio:

  • Collaborative Data Intelligence: Actionable insights revealed in context, from any data, to guide decisions
  • Global Sourcing & Value Network: Sustainable and cost-effective components standardization and sourcing strategy, from designers to suppliers
  • Enterprise Planning & Collaboration: Decision-making insights on multiple projects and programs to achieve the most challenging orchestrations
  • Collaborative Product Development: Optimized decisions thanks to insights on change processes and issues, and Key Performance Indicators in real time on 3D
  • Total Quality: Learn from past situations to solve new issues faster, and ensure long-term quality improvement
  • Ownership & Operations: Gain 360° insights into assets in operation, from facilities to fleets, from field technicians to hotlines, to optimize business efficiency


Overview Demo

Converting massive information flows into actionable insights


Transforming intuition into actionable EVIDENCE by enriching the virtual twin experience with contextualized REAL-WORLD data.

Collaborative Data Intelligence
  • Business Analytics Consumer: View & navigate analytics provided by a Business Analytics Manager.
  • Business Analytics Developer: An extensive suite of indexing, data connection and consolidation, semantics and analytics capabilities in order to develop complete analytics applications.
  • Business Analytics Manager: Build & share analytics experiences to extract actionable insights from data.
  • Social Business Analyst: Make insight-driven business decisions with powerful analytics, trends gathering, market information and competitive intelligence.
  • Social Business Explorer: Leverage powerful social business intelligence dashboards to make insight-driven decisions.
Collaborative Product Development
  • Change Intelligence Consumer: A live 360° analysis of changes for the efficient program and product management by performing diagnostics and trend analysis on past and ongoing changes
  • Classification Intelligence Analyst: Classify your parts to organize and reveal knowledge from your patrimony of 3D components.
  • Component Sourcing Analyst: Data analytics combining engineering and purchasing data proposes efficient and comprehensive company spend investigation to identify major potential savings.
  • Issue Intelligence Consumer: Cockpit to get a live status on issues management, for performing analysis on past & ongoing issues, with the ability to build new analytics to answer questions
  • Preferred Component Consumer: Empower designers with optimized components directly accessible in design, in line with your company's standardization and sourcing strategy
Global Sourcing and Value Network
  • Standard Component Librarian: Enforce IP “Capture and Reuse” corporate practices to maximize standardization across Product variants and Product lines.
  • Standard Component Manager: Manage your company's catalogs of components to enable your sourcing & standardization strategy: optimized and sourceable parts at your fingertips.
  • Standardization Intelligence Analyst: Identify and promote components for reuse taking into account engineering, compliance, manufacturing and sourcing requirements.
  • Sustainable Innovation Analyst: Investigate a 360° view of the sustainability metrics of products and processes throughout their entire lifecycle to propose the best alternatives,
Enterprise Planning and Collaboration
  • Preferred Part Consumer: Providing easy way to search similar parts, enforces designer and architect reuse decisions based on standardization company policy.

  • Project Intelligence Consumer: Cockpit to get a live status on project operations, for performing diagnostic, trend analysis, with the ability to build analytics to answer specific questions.

“Delivering quality products on time that meet our customers’ expectations help us win their loyalty. Using NETVIBES OnePart will definitely help us improve our time to market even further.”

Chris Weiss
VP engineering, Knapheide

“Our users need to obtain the right drawing information as quickly as possible. NETVIBES OnePart is fast and its search results are pertinent and very precise.”

Marcus Aichinger, Corporate R&D Manager
Processes and Tools, Wittur

“With NETVIBES OnePart, information search has been reduced from an average of four minutes per search to just a few seconds.”

John Winter
Mechanical engineering manager, Bird Technologies


Plan, collaborate and reuse your data with NETVIBES


Intelligently define and execute a resilient products and services strategy that capitalizes on market opportunities.

The NETVIBES Planning portfolio connects every product or services portfolio definition with its product plan. This connection provides businesses with the agility to react quickly to changing market trends while maintaining clear traceability from requirements to delivery.

Through proper planning on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, development and product cost targets can be achieved with higher confidence. Connecting program and project management capabilities with data from across the enterprise in a single dashboard provides the information intelligence necessary to make better informed decisions.

With support for industry-specific processes from regulatory and materials compliance, to quality management and IP security programs, companies move from being document-based to knowledge- and data-driven.

Collaboration & Intelligence

Reveal Information Intelligence from data to identify levers to enhance business by empowering users with contextualized and actionable insights.

NETVIBES enables organizations to gather, align and enrich Big Data—whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, simple or complex—and to deliver that information the way users want to receive it.

NETVIBES solutions transform large volumes of heterogeneous, multi-source data into meaningful, real-time Information Intelligence to help users improve business processes and gain competitive advantage.

Value Network

Drive the product part reuse, buy or make process and enforce standardization, revealing in-house designed parts and providing users online part catalog access from their preferred applications.

Reorganizations, mergers, global projects, and innovation are all opportunities to create new parts, proliferating part references in the company catalog and thus increasing the cost to design, manufacture, test, source, and store the parts. Consolidating an optimized catalog can consume company resources without a satisfactory outcome.

Sourcing & Standardization Intelligence provides a full set of roles to reveal company assets to decide how to optimize company cost savings. Its functionalities range from classifying company assets to identifying standard parts for reuse, ensuring Engineering selects the preferred part in the design, and monitoring over time the execution of company policy.

Furthermore, Sourcing and Procurement can leverage these applications to optimize ordering by grouping orders or selecting the right price of technically viable alternatives aligned with the supply chain strategy.


Easy to use software which will adapt to your business process

Make Better Decisions

Make insight-driven business decisions with powerful analytics, trends gathering, market information and competitive intelligence.

Better Collaboration

Map enterprise data on a common referential to break down silos, enhance collaboration and boost agility. Build up-to-date analytics dashboards to empower any user to make informed business decisions. Improve operational efficiency enterprise-wide.

Optimize Component Sourcing

Reduce risk and costs by enforcing component standardization. Decrease time-to-market by reusing existing parts. Ensure quality and compliance through reuse of previously qualified components.

Gain decision-making Insights on Trends

Establish a business advantage by launching products or services that capitalize on market trends. Improve project performance and mitigate risks through real-time monitoring and assessment. Deliver programs and projects on time, on cost and on quality. Enforce sustainability goals that maximize product performance and minimize environmental impact.